ZAFES exists to equip Christian students, reach the whole campus with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to develop Christian leadership for the Church and the society at large, to promote professional excellence among Associates/ Graduate thereby enabling them to participate in Community development and social welfare. 


"To challenge students with the opportunity to know Christ and be nurtured to impact society for a lifetime."



The aim of the fellowship is to witness to Jesus Christ as God and Savior through; Evangelism, Discipline (Nurture), Missions, Fellowship (Community). See the relevant ZAFES documents for a detailed explanation

Welcome Message

Welcoming Message from the National Director

Welcome to the Zambia Fellowship of Evangelical Students (ZAFES) Official website. The purpose of this site is to disseminate and collect information from all the ZAFES stakeholders including among others the Students and Associates. I emplore all the site visitors to feel free to contribute spiritually and financially towards the movement.

Naomi Mbewe Ms.


Find out what you missed in the previous ZANACO. First what is ZANACO?

ZANACO is an acronymn that stands for ZAFES National Conference.

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